Some of the biggest celebrities in film have to completely and totally transform their body in record time to portray incredibly fit and athletic people onscreen, and they are capable of these amazing transformations because they have access to insider information and resources that most “common people” simply do not.

But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t willing to share this inside information with folks that are looking to transform their bodies, and many of them are “spilling the beans” on the how they pull off these breathtaking transformations as quickly as they do.

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We have collected some of their insider secrets to share with you below and you’ll want to try and put them into play just as soon as you get the opportunity to do so. You might not be able to build a body like Thor in about six weeks, but you’ll definitely be able to get ready for beach season in record time!

Your body is made in the kitchen

The most important thing you can realize about any body transformation journey is that the overwhelming majority of the work and effort that you put in that will pay off significantly occurs in the kitchen and not in the gym.

Most folks are under the impression that they have to work out forever to achieve the kinds of amazing results these men and women achieve all the time, but the reality is that they don’t spend any more time at the gym than most people – they just feel the nutritional aspect of the transformation and that’s why they see much faster results.

Focus on cleaning up your diet and you’ll be able to achieve the almost impossible as well!

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Compound lifts are always more valuable

Though they aren’t as “sexy” as newfangled exercises that are printed up in muscle magazines every month for public consumption, compound lifts – you’re dead lift, your squats, your bench press, etc. – are always going to be far more valuable to transforming your body than anything else.

These compound this impact multiple large muscle groups at a time and they are able to recruit a lot more activity in the central nervous system along the way.

This is going to trigger a cascade of biochemical reactions about your body, and you’ll be able to regenerate more muscle mass across a heavily impacted area than you would have with isolated lifts that target smaller muscle groups.

Muscle building secrets from Hollywood superstars