Believe it or not, your body – and your mind – may be hardwired to feel pain more than most other people.

Researchers at Northwestern University in the United States, as well as those working throughout the United Kingdom, recently conducted a five-year study that paid close attention to the brain scans of individuals that complained of chronic back injuries and chronic back pain.

After comparing these brain scans to the brain scans of people that had successfully a laminated all of the pain stemming from an initial back injury of the researchers uncovered the fact that some people simply have brains that are more hardwired to deal with pain more efficiently and more effectively – and some people are hardwired to feel more significant pain than others.

After the five-year study concluded a note or group in Australia decided to push the research even further – and 85% of all of their brain scans showed the same abnormalities haunting people that reported feeling significant back pain over a six month block of time after their initial injury.

This is both good news and bad news.

The bad news – There isn’t much you’re ever going to be able to do to change the way your body and your mind is hardwired for pain

Though you can (and probably should) take advantage of over-the-counter pain pills and prescription painkillers if you are living with debilitating pain and can’t seem to kick it any other way, the truth of the matter is those that have hardwired connections that force them to feel pain more frequently than others aren’t going to be able to ever do much to change the situation.

You just can’t take around with the body and the brain and expect any real or lasting long-term results.

The good news – You can “trick” your brain into feeling less pain

As the same time, it is possible for those hardwired to feel pain more significantly to fool their brain into ignoring these pain signals in the same way that elite level athletes are able to bounce back from injury faster than those that do not have millions and millions on the line.

All you have to do is convince yourself that you are healing faster (through the use of placebo pills or painkillers), meditation, hypnosis, or even just listening to up-tempo music and watching your favorite comedy shows. Of course, those of us who are not blessed with pain resistance will, need to control pain the old fashioned way with painkillers like codeine etc. – lots more info on painkillers here.

Mind over matter is a very real and scientifically proven phenomenon, and it works wonders to help you kick pain to the curb once and for all.

Are you hardwired to deal with more pain than most?